It's October and Fair Trade Month, Let's Celebrate!

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Why Celebrate Fair Trade?

We're celebrating Fair Trade all month and invite you to join us. Why is this exciting? According to the Fair Trade Federation, members follow a specific set of guidelines in their business practices which include: creating opportunities for economically and socially marginalized farmers and artisans, developing transparent and accountable relationships with them, building capacity in their communities and creating sustainable supply chains, cultivating environmental stewardship, supporting safe and empowering working conditions, ensuring the rights of children, respecting their cultural identity, and paying them promptly and fairly. This is truly something to celebrate!

Fair Trade is Good Business

In short, Fair Trade businesses place the interests of producers and their communities as the primary concern of their enterprise. This is in stark contrast to businesses that deplete the environment and exploit workers of all ages to increase their profits, with little or no concern for the welfare of the farmers, artisans and workers who make them so successful. In today's world, shopping mindfully matters, especially when we choose to support the kind of future we want.

Join the Movement

Since founding Good Things Boutique in 2008, I continue to be encouraged by the number and variety of businesses who carry Fair Trade certified goods and/or closely follow the Fair Trade principles, when not yet certified. If you are interested in ways to support this movement, we offer many ethically sourced and Fair Trade products on our website, which are indicated on the product description page. When you are shopping in a brick and mortar, you can look for one of the Fair Trade certified seals. 

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Time to Celebrate!

The main point of Fair Trade Month in October is to raise awareness of the benefits of Fair Trade and promote Fair Trade products and purchases. We're giving an incentive when you shop any of the Fair Trade items on our website this month by offering and additional 20% off (includes already discounted sale items). Just enter code FAIRTRADE at checkout and the extra discount will automatically be applied. (Discount is available on-line only). Thanks for your support and happy shopping!


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