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"If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to." - Lao Tzu

I will use this blog to share stories and helpful information about our brands and products going forward, but today is all about the coming changes I need to announce.

I founded Good Things Boutique in 2008 to provide our community with a unique local shopping destination committed to stylish, high-quality, environmentally friendly and responsibly made goods because I believe in supporting companies that care, whose products have a positive impact, and which are working to improve conditions rather than causing harm to the planet or it's inhabitants. Isn’t it inspiring to know that doing good as a way of doing business is valued and gaining momentum? I see this as an ideal businesses model for the future!

 So, fast forward nine years, and while the original purpose of Good Things has not changed, the retail environment we operate within has evolved considerably. The importance of e-commerce today is undeniable. Our definition of community has expanded to include our on-line communities. Ways of doing business and how relationships are formed is becoming much more multi-faceted. Anything is available at the click of a button. To keep up with these changes, many small businesses are required to re-evaluate how they operate and find new ways to increase their value while lowering expenses; some are even joining forces to stay competitive. Good Things Boutique is in the process of doing all of these. If you have ever run a small business, especially if you created one from scratch, you know what a labor of love it is. Making necessary changes can be tough, but not making them can be the beginning of the end.

It is with many emotions that I announce my decision to vacate our sweet little space at 108 N Block Avenue when our lease is up at the end of this month. I plan to take this business almost completely online. It seems most of us still place high value on the ability to visit a carefully curated store, where we can enjoy the tactile experience of shopping, which I doubt will ever go away completely. However, it also seems more important than ever to provide a meaningful experience for shoppers on-line. Being able to offer that convenience is practically mandatory by now.

Having started out with limited resources during a major economic downturn, this little boutique has resourcefulness in its DNA and has mostly been a one-woman operation since inception. Even operating a small store is a big job. More and more I find myself split between working to create a great in-store experience and working to make this store competitive in a rapidly changing, multi-sales channel marketplace. I personally do not have the time to devote to both efforts and do them well. Rising operating costs and overhead have caused me to re-evaluate how this business is being run and it is evident that I need to dedicate more time toward creating the best on-line experience possible. 

I treasure the time spent on Block Avenue and have so much love for all our business neighbors here. It has been such a pleasure getting to know all of you who shop here also - many of you have been with me since the very beginning. Helping you select the perfect gifts for special moments, styling the best outfits with you, building friendships, and watching your families grow has been the source of so much joy for me over the years. These are the reasons this is one of the hardest decisions I have ever made!  

Luckily, I also have some news I’m excited to announce. By next month I’ll be working out of a beautiful shared space on The Square, in the Guisinger Building at # 1 East Mountain. This is a location where online shoppers can choose to pick up their order in person (gift-wrapping still available) or local customers can set an appointment with me to solve specific clothing needs or special requests (similar to in-store, but scheduled). This one-on-one style of service has been my favorite part of running a small boutique and I’m so glad I can still be available for this. I also have the opportunity to throw on-site events in our new shared space, like trunk shows for local jewelry artists, pop-up shops, and seasonal launch parties for our eco-friendly fashions. You'll also be able to find Good Things in real life at upcoming events off-site, like the Fayetteville Yoga Fest in May. Stay tuned for a full calendar of events.

I have been uploading products to the website as quickly as possible. If you go to you’ll see it is a work in progress. New products continue to be added, so you should check back often for the most updated selection. In celebration of launching the site this month, unlimited free shipping will be offered on all orders all month. Plus, most current season items are now marked to half price, or near cost. So please check it out, give me feedback, and help me get this new venture off to a strong start!   

The store location will be open for three more weeks, with our last day of business being Monday, 2/26. If you have a lingering store credit or gift certificate, please stop in soon to use it. If you can't make it by before the closing date, please contact me to work out a plan so you won't lose it.

The boutique is stocked right now with a great selection of local jewelry for Valentine’s Day and we have lots of inventory on sale that needs to be cleared out. Several of our fixtures, decor and display items will also be sold at low prices toward the end. Don’t snooze and miss out on all these deals!

I am passionate about learning the skills needed to run this site well. I am committed to serving our local and long distance customer's needs and to providing the benefit of 24/7 shopping, with delivery right to your doorstep. I love that we will be able to connect in person during events and pop-up shops and that I can do more of these, (and go even farther from home) when no longer tied to a storefront.  

Please know how grateful I am to each and every one of you. This little boutique would never have made it nine years in business without your support! I really hope you’ll come along as I forge this new path.

 In gratitude,

Jessy Lang, Good Things Boutique


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  • NAncy Holland on

    Sounds like a great plan but I sure will miss visiting with you in your shop. Best of luck!

  • Jim Wardein on

    I know that this is regretful decision, Jessy, and that it certainly was not made in haste. It sounds like you are preparing well for the future, and I wish you only the best in your new endeavors.

    Jim Wardein

  • Jo Ann Wardein on

    Jessy…I feel both sad at seeing your gem of a store close its doors, and excited for the future. Your decisions make sense, and I’m so pleased that your physical presence will still be in the heart of Fayetteville…you are one caring dynamo! Blessing to you! Jo Ann

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